Vawta 於2002年21歲時進入保險業,隨即於2005年和2006年獲得該公司前10大新任主管人員中第六名與第三名, 2007年度更是獲得了第一名新任經理人大獎。



Vawta Pratmaetekul


Vawta graduated a Bachelor of Business Administration from ABAC. She has been in the industry since 2002 when she was only 21. She has dedicated her 14 years to building a professional advisor team with hope to deliver best quality financial advice while also enhancing good relationship with clients.

For her agency’s success, Vawta won 6th runner up of Top 10 Best Supervisors in 2005, and 3rd runner up in 2006 , the 1st New Manager Award in 2007. At present, Vawta is not only a Senior District Manager of AIA agency, , but also a founder of a personal financial advisory company, working with 30 young professional advisors in her office, with an intention to help clients achieve their goals and create sustainable wealth.
Her area of expertise involves assisting clients design personal financial plans, especially retirement and succession planning.